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Stonecreek Village Development

Project Description

Vital Engineering is providing mechanical systems design and construction administration services for this large commercial office and retail centre. The design includes individual HVAC units for tenant spaces as well as a central utility system utilizing a combine heat and power (CHP) unit as lead component for the central hydronic heating system. The central heating and distribution system was integrated into the individual control requirements for various lease space tenants. Sized for the base heat load of the complex, the CHP runtime was maximized, providing heating water as required and supplemental low cost electricity for nine months of the year. Life cycle costing was used to determine the real cost of operation  for  the  central  plant,  providing  operational  savings  as  well  as  identifying  other intangible benefits of operation for both the owner and leasers.

  • Client
    Stonecreek Village
  • Location
    Fort McMurray
  • Project Value
  • Area Size
Services Provided
Mechanical Engineering



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