Lighting Design

Our lighting design expertise ranges from creating exterior and interior architectural lighting layouts for buildings in all different sectors to working with cities and municipalities to light roadways, urban spaces and develop infrastructure.

Together with our entire design team, we bring detail-oriented, innovative approach to each project. Analyzing the amount of natural light available and artificial light required, we consult with owners and occupants with regards to their needs as well as to conduct feasibility studies. We take all of this into consideration as we design, commission and inspect lighting systems.

Our team utilizes high-end professional software such as AGI32 and DIALux to model and simulate our lighting designs. Whether it is for aesthetics, security or safety, or to meet the particular requirements to light a space or building, we will strive to provide the desired outcome. Minimizing energy consumption and carbon emissions are the backbones of our design team. As such, our team encourages the use of LED lighting.

Scope of Services

  • Light Modelling + Rendering
  • Purpose-driven Designs
  • Sustainable LED Light Usage
  • Natural + Artificial Light Unification

Featured Lighting Design Projects