Energy-modelling has the most significant impact when utilized early in the design process, and therefore, preliminary models have the most significant impact on energy savings!

Design Works provides energy modelling services as per the methodologies specified by certifying bodies like ASHRAE, IESNA and other local authorities. We have an experienced pool of qualified professionals who have the necessary expertise in providing these services with many years of involvement in sustainable green building designs & energy analysis in a cost-effective way.

Design Works Engineering is adept at providing sustainable design guidance integrated with LEED & Passive House assessment to improve your energy and environmental performance substantially.

The most common reason firms undertake energy modelling is to make the most accurate energy-saving decisions on a building. To achieve this, we create the building design in the simulation software under existing or standard conditions. We then simulate the same structure using various energy conservation measures (ECM) to find the optimal solution.

  • Sustainable Energy Design
  • Energy + Resource Analysis
  • Optimize Energy Requirements
  • High-efficiency Building Component Design

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