Sustainable Design

We believe that sustainabilty relies on the premise that positive economic results should come from an environment-friendly design. We focus on sustainability leadership in all our operations and projects. Sustainability is part of our mission and vision. All our services make us the preferred company by developers who trust us to design and engineer sustainable, energy-efficient solutions. From civil and structural engineering to mechanical and electrical engineering, we advance initiatives that promote a more sustainable world. Sustainability is a strategic approach to managing operations with the future in mind. Design Works integrates values of environmental stewardship, economic prosperity and social responsibility by designing energy-efficient infrastructure.

The unique experience and skills to maximize energy efficiency enable us to meet modern design challenges with more sustainable and holistic designs. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is in our thinking from the design phase to post-construction. Coming up with innovative and sustainable designs that blend form with function. We believe in the sustainability approach on behalf of our partners and clients.

Scope of Services

  • Local Environmental Engineering
  • Renewable Energy System Design
  • Optimize Building Emissions + Waste
  • Natural + Generated Heating Design