Whether you’re building a high rise tower, commercial or industrial building – what you use and how you use it will make a dramatic difference in overall maintenance cost sand service life. However, the material and construction isn't the only thing that matters. You can make or break your projects on the planning and preparation that goes into them. It’s why we ask the right questions up front.

Will the structure be subject to specific vibrations? What about loading patterns? Soil conditions? Extreme climatic exposure? We do our best to bring two fundamental approaches together: a dedication to applying the newest materials research and in-depth explorations of expected interaction patterns. These factors matter not on day one of construction, but they will come in to play down the road. Proper planning can prevent significant catastrophe down the road.

  • Multifamily Developments
  • Commercial Retail
  • Industrial Shops and Offices
  • Industrial/Oilfield Camp Design
  • Crane and Bridge Design
  • Building Inspections
  • Renovations Consultations
  • Damage Assessments

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