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Bow 58

Project Description

Bow 58 is a highly modern, six-story residential project ingeniously located at the intersection of 32 Avenue and Bowness Road NW, in the heart of the Bowness community. This development represents a harmonious blend of careful urban design and simple, yet elegant architecture. Home to 52 unique dwelling units along with 22 dedicated parking stalls, Bow 58 stands as a testament to thoughtful community development. It is designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing community structure, bridging the gap between large-scale condominiums and single-family homes. With its unique design and strategic location, Bow 58 not only adds value to the Bowness community but also reshapes its skyline, bringing a vibrant new form to the neighborhood

  • Client
    Eagle Crest Construction
  • Location
    Calgary, Alberta
  • Project Value
  • Area Size
Services Provided
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Sprinkler Engineering



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