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Bankview 2310

Project Description

Bankview 2310, an exemplary multi-residential development, is set in the vibrant community of Bankview. This development is characterized by a unique, slope-adaptive design that skillfully addresses the challenge of the site's grade while blending harmoniously into the existing neighborhood. Offering new housing options, Bankview 2310 aims to support local businesses and contributes to the transformation of 14 ST SW into a pedestrian-friendly, livable Main Street.

The design of Bankview 2310 prioritizes the pedestrian experience, featuring human-scale designs, ground-level residential entryways, and additional landscaping along 15 ST SW. The development employs a variety of high-quality building materials, showcasing the commitment to quality and aesthetic appeal. With its stepped-back massing, the design allows for smooth transitions to neighboring buildings, maintaining the community's cohesive architectural language. Bankview 2310 stands as a testament to thoughtful, adaptive, and community-focused urban development

  • Client
    Eagle Crest Construction
  • Location
    Calgary, Alberta
  • Project Value
  • Area Size
Services Provided
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Sprinkler Engineering



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