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Gaurav Goswami

With an extensive career spanning over several years, Gaurav has honed his expertise in building performance and sustainable architectural solutions. Specializing in parametric façade designs and energy simulations, his foundational academic background in Environmental Design and Mechanical Engineering has provided him with the skills necessary to conceptualize, develop, and implement highly effective energy-efficient designs. Gaurav's proficiency extends to various design tools, such as Rhino, Grasshopper, and Ladybug Tools, and ArcGIS, which he leverages to accomplish complex projects that adhere to recognized industry standards. 

Gaurav's experience is not just technical but also collaborative. Having partnered with architects and engineers, he brings a multidisciplinary approach to building energy strategies, seamlessly integrating aesthetic considerations with sustainability and efficiency. Such a holistic approach is vital in his current role, where his responsibilities range from conducting building energy simulations to developing energy-efficient strategies for new and existing buildings. 

The values that drive Gaurav are innovation, sustainability, and a relentless focus on efficiency. He is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in building design while always keeping the bigger ecological picture in mind. Through continued research and application, he aims to set new benchmarks in building performance, thereby contributing to the collective goal of a more sustainable future. 

Outside of work, Gaurav cherishes the time spent exploring the great outdoors, hiking in nature reserves, and participating in various sports.