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Modular Housing Initiative


Design Works Engineering is proud to announce an innovative partnership with Montgomery Sisam Architects, Horizon North Logistics Inc. & NRB Inc.
and City of Toronto's CreateTO to construct supportive housing for vulnerable citizens in the nation’s largest city.

Uniquely, thanks to specialized expertise available from Horizon North & NRB, the #modularhousing units will be designed and built offsite, then delivered and assembled, allowing for an extremely fast timeline on this pilot project. Phase 1 will provide 110 high-quality, permanent units to people who need it most, followed by 140 more units in Phase 2.

With design and project oversight provided by Montgomery Sisam Architects, Design Works Engineering completes the team. Providing comprehensive engineering services for this important project. Our teams will pay special attention to #energyefficiency and #affordability, two major factors that will guarantee the longevity and effectiveness of this development.

We look forward to successfully completing another #toronto project that moves the city one step closer to the future, while building a lasting, supportive community.