About Design Works Engineering

Create solutions that build great projects and better relationships.

Design Works Engineering is committed to completing the highest quality construction projects in a schedule-sensitive manner at the lowest possible cost utilizing customer-driven solutions and safe construction methods.

Our Core Values at Design Works Engineering

Design Works Engineering not only brings you top engineering talent, but we work with you to ensure you're fully informed and updated throughout the project. The customer experience is just as important to us as the design itself, and we’ve had much practice doing just that. Our senior principals bring over 40 years of engineering experience that’s three decades of satisfying clients.

Our senior team, lead by Haydar Al Dahhan, P.Eng. and John Lehners, P.Eng., launched Design Works Engineering in 2014. Over the last half of this decade, we’ve created a unique brand of engineering services that have evolved with the global economy. Thanks to the strength of their partner network, we’re able to ensure we not only provide the latest engineering solutions but that they’re the right ones for your project.

Design Works Engineering focuses on engineering the right product for the right price, and they do it from eight offices located around the globe. Although the bulk of our operations Canada based, our reach extends overseas and has included new projects in Africa and the Middle East.

We are building our firm for realistic pricing on all projects while maintaining the expertise and workforce necessary for larger, more complex jobs.
Balancing quality and cost is the oldest engineering problem in business. By understanding the markets and providing value to our clients, we inextricably tie our financial success to theirs.
Best in Class
Accomplishing all-in-one design without sacrificing expertise is what we do best. We have a proven dedication to applying innovation to the highest quality standards.
Clients need not hire separate firms for structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. We enable you to invest in a relationship with our single firm for all projects.

Our Timeline

Design Works Launches in Grande Prairie — February 2014
Our founding partners— Haydar Al Dahhan and John Lehners— start Design Works Engineering & Inspections
Edmonton Office Opens — January 2015
Design Works Engineering opens their first office in downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Makati, Cebu, and Davao Offices Open in the Philippines — August 2015
Design Works Engineering begins their expansion beyond Canada and opens offices in three strategic cities in the Philippines.
Calgary Office Opens — January 2017
Design Works Engineering establishes an office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Edmonton + Grande Prairie Offices Expand — August 2017
We continue to build and expand our core locations as Design Works Engineering grows larger and more capable
Round #2 — Edmonton + Grande Prairie Offices Expand — August 2018
Again, as we continue to grow larger and more capable our core locations are expanded to better meet our client's needs
Toronto Office Opens — January 2019
Our Canadian operations continue to grow as we expand into the Eastern market with our new office in Toronto, Ontario
Vancouver Office Opens — April 2019
Our Canadian operations continue to grow as we expand to the West Coast and open our office in Vancouver, BC
Global Expansion Continues — 2024
Design Works Engineering will continue to grow operations outside of North America and into global markets