About Design Works Engineering

Who We Are

Buildings are innately human. At Design Works Engineering, working closely with our valued clients and supporting our brilliant teams is at the forefront of what we do.

Since launching Design Works Engineering in 2014 by Haydar Al Dahhan, P.Eng. and John Lehners, P.Eng., we have endeavoured to create a unique brand of engineering services that evolve with changing cultural, economic, and technological needs. Thanks to the strength of our global partner network, we provide the latest engineering solutions and ensure that they’re the right ones for each unique project and client.

Our Culture
The best ideas don’t just come from one individual. We strive to better ourselves and our projects by learning from and bringing out the best in each other. We take great pride in delivering results as a team.

Excellent designers are always striving to improve. Our team is empowered to develop professionally with access to lifelong learning and cutting-edge technology.
Our Communities
We are committed to completing the highest quality construction projects for our communities in a safe and responsible manner, all while building strong and lasting relationships.

From consistently developing safety best practices to implementing emerging environmental technology, we are always striving to make a positive impact in our communities.

Create solutions that build great projects and better relationships.

We are committed to completing the highest quality construction projects in a schedule-sensitive manner at the lowest possible cost. We utilize customer-driven solutions and safe construction methods.


Design Works is what a 21'st Century Engineering Firm looks like.

We are one of the nation’s fastest-growing companies for a reason. We provide reliable, high-quality designs to our clients that maximize cost savings while utilizing the latest technology.  

Based in Canada, we are a worldwide venture operating out of 9 offices globally. Finding cost-effective solutions isn’t restricted by borders.  We’ve discovered forward-thinking companies around the world who want the latest technology built into their design and to work with a company that cares about their client’s bottom line.

Our success is no accident. The hard work of our 120 team members has led Design Works Engineering to successfully complete over 5,000 projects over the course of our history, leading to a 20% growth in each year of our operation.

Our Core Values

We deliver projects of all sizes while maintaining a work force necessary for the largest, most complex jobs.
We balance cost and quality according to the detailed needs of our clients. We build partnerships that guarantee mutual prosperity.
All core engineering disciplines are under one roof, enabling our clients to invest in a single relationship with our firm for all projects.
Client service is at the forefront of each project we take on. We build lasting relationships that go beyond the successful completion of each project.

Our Timeline

Design Works Launches in Grande Prairie, Alberta
February 2014
Our founding partners Haydar Al Dahhan and John Lehners started Design Works Engineering & Inspections.
Edmonton Office Opens
January 2015
Design Works Engineering opens their first office in downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Makati, Cebu, and Davao Offices Open in the Philippines
August 2015
Design Works Engineering begins their expansion beyond Canada and opens offices in three strategic cities in the Philippines.
Calgary Office Opens
January 2017
Design Works Engineering establishes an office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Edmonton & Grande Prairie Offices Expand to new locations
August 2017
We continue to build and expand our core locations as Design Works Engineering grows larger and more capable.
Edmonton & Grande Prairie Offices Expand to new locations
August 2018
Again, as we continue to grow larger and more capable our core locations are expanded to better meet our client's needs.
Toronto Office Opens
January 2019
Our Canadian operations continue to grow as we expand into the Eastern market with our new office in Toronto, Ontario.
Vancouver Office Opens
April 2019
Our Canadian operations continue to grow as we expand to the West Coast and open our office in Vancouver, BC.
Growth continues safely during COVID-19 pandemic
Design Works Engineering continues to safely operate during the pandemic.
Ottawa Office Opens
September 2020
Our Canadian operations continue to grow as we expand to Canada's capital city, Ottawa, ON.
Design Works expands to the US
August 2021
Design Works Engineering continues to grow its operations as we expand to the US.
Burlington Office Opens
September 2021
Design Works Engineering operations continue to grow as we expand to Burlington.
Design Works acquires Vital Engineering & 3D Energy Limited
October 2022
Design Works Engineering continues to grow with the acquisition of Vital Engineering & 3D Energy Limited.
Expansion to Europe & Middle East
Design Works Engineering will continue to grow operations outside of North America and into global markets.