From planning and construction to long-term building operation, our teams are focused on the needs of our customers throughout the entire process.

We follow a 5-step plan which leads to a successful project and happy client!


Project Research

Our team will thoroughly research your needs, budget, and expected results. Each project will be provided with a dedicated, experienced working group which will remain with the project for its entire duration and provide a single, reliable point of contact.


Schematic Design

We leverage the whole firm to bring you holistic ideas that will achieve your goals. Using our extensive experience in the unique construction climate of the Prairies, our engineering team can bring to bear a wealth of past experience utilizing a variety of systems and provide constructive feedback on any proposed construction methods or systems.


Design Development

Through deep analysis and interdisciplinary collaboration, we engineer your design to perform in real-world conditions. The layout and selection of key elements is undertaken with the aim of maximizing flexibility, whilst meeting the architectural intent.


Construction Administration

We don’t just design, we see it through to completion. Having a plan is great, but ensuring it’s success is what this part of the process is about. During this phase our team will thoroughly review the documents generated in the preliminary design phase and any feedback received for any proposed solutions. Once all feedback has been addressed, production of contract documents can begin in earnest.


Post Construction

Our job doesn’t end with the final nail; we’re there to make sure the desired results are achieved.