Our corporate social responsibility is important to us; it’s a way of life. It is the foundation upon which our mission, vision, objectives and goals are based. 

This responsibility is deeply ingrained in our value system, and we actively seek ways to contribute towards the social and economic development of the communities we work in. Our entire team, including office personnel, managers, engineers and drafters, extend our skills through workshops, charitable events, volunteer groups and other community development initiatives. 

Our current focus is on supporting social causes while educating communities about building development and sustainable growth. Nothing satisfies us more than knowing that we give back to the communities we help develop.

Our Community Involvement

Buildings are more than structures; they are the essence of human endeavour. At Design Works Engineering, our passion lies in collaboratingintimately with our clients and empowering our brilliant teams. This synergy is the core of our philosophy.

Founded in 2014 by Haydar Al Dahhan, P.Eng., P.E., IntPE, APEC, and John Lehners, P.Eng., our journey has been about more than justengineering. We’ve dedicated ourselves to developing a distinctive brand of engineering services that adapts to the ever-changing cultural,economic, and technological landscapes. Our global partner network is our strength, enabling us to offer the latest and most fittingengineering solutions for each unique project and client.

Building more than just structures
At Design Works, we’re deeply invested in the communities we serve, and our involvement extends far beyond ourcore engineering services. This page celebrates our dedication to community enrichment and details the specificways we contribute and give back.
Design Works Centre: A hub fro community activities
We proudly put our name on the Design Works Centre in Grande Prairie, a vibrant space that hosts various communityevents and activities. This centre symbolizes our commitment to being a cornerstone of community life and development.
Lending a helping hand
Our commitment to service is exemplified through voluntarywork. Notable projects include partnering with the KitchenerHumane Society and Oak Acres Children’s Camp, where we hadthe opportunity to provide our expertise to support these vitalcommunity resources.
Empowering the next generation through education
Education is at the heart of our community efforts. We activelyengage in educational initiatives, providing mentorship and learningopportunities to inspire the next generation of engineers anddesigners. Our involvement in schools and educational programsunderscores our belief in the power of knowledge and learning.
Support fro newcomers in engineering
Recognizing the value of diverse perspectives in our field, we are dedicated to supporting immigrants in engineering. Our initiativesfocus on providing guidance, resources, and opportunities to help integrate skilled professionals into the engineering community,enriching our industry and society alike.
A future of continued community engagement
Our journey in community involvement is ongoing. We are constantly seeking new ways to make a meaningful impact, understandingthat our success and the community’s well-being are inextricably linked. At Design Works, we’re committed to a future of continuedsupport, collaboration, and positive change in our communities.
Activities we have recently played a role in through either time or resources