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Our next insights spotlight for Black History Month is our Toronto Mechanical Designer, Francois!


Our next insights spotlight for Black History Month is our Toronto Mechanical Designer, Francois! He spoke about what Black History Month means to him, including the importance of representation and the overall impact that it has.

What, overall, does Black History Month mean to you?

“I believe representation is important in particular for our younger generation. Without representation, some goals seem unattainable for our youngsters. Black History Month gives us a platform to showcase and highlight the success people of colour are having now or have had in the past. Allowing the younger generation to view a wider range of possibilities for themselves and not be limited in thinking about what they can be or how far they can go in life.”

What is your favourite black movie or TV show and why?

“Friday after Next” and “The Barber Shop”. I can always count on either of these movies for a good laugh. They both did a great job of showcasing the culture, the highs, and the lows of life in an impoverished community. All while keeping the laughs going.”

Who is your most inspirational black woman who stood up against racism?

“For this question, I want to focus on 2 black women who broke the mold – Venus and Serena Williams. Entering a sport where they had very little prior representation, and not only competing, but dominating for large stretches. At the time, there was a lot of pushback from people at different levels saying this isn’t the sport for them. But because of their hard work, tears, and determination to be successful, other black women now believe they have just as good of a chance as anyone else at being successful tennis players.”

What is your favourite local black-owned business?

AccuVersa Constructors! They were created to serve a gap in the construction industry by taking on a more personalized approach to home renovations. They are known to focus on client satisfaction or the bottom line as they thrive to build their brand through positive client relations and hard work.”