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Agora Borealis

Project Description
The Agora

An open space serving as an assembly area and a place for commercial, civic, social, and religious activities.

The Village

The development will house 700 families and guests, with a mix of housing options including seniors, student residences, market rental apartments, and a hotel. These neighbours live in a village with commercial amenities varying from a large grocery to boutique shops and benefit from an easily accessible, well-appointed Community Centre.

Streets and buildings are arranged to provide a lively outdoor market square animated with cafes and restaurants. A large retail store is hosted on the north end of the site. Six storey buildings provide market rental and condominiums buffers the market square from south winds.

The prime south/east corner functions as a medical district, with signage on the three storey medical office buildings taking advantage of the available exposure.  Offices and labs in these buildings are connected to seniors apartments and suites, housed in the re-purposed Coliseum.

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    Agora Borealis
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Services Provided
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Rendering & Drafting



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