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Mark McCullough

Mark McCullough brings more than 21 years of municipal and survey engineering experience to all the projects he is involved  in.  His  roots  began  in  surveying  and  eventually turned  to  municipal  design  and  inspection.  Early  in  his career, Mark worked as a Party Chief, and spent six years actively  involved   in   a   number  of   complex  legal   and construction  projects.  After  this,  he  spent  five  years designing  projects  in  the  winter  while  surveying  and inspecting in the summer. This unique skill set pointed out all  theopportunities  that  can  be  found  when  seeing  a project through from design to construction.

Understanding   design   and   client   requirements,   and applying them to produce a seamless product, has been a trademark   of   his   for   a   number   of   years.   Changing directions after municipal design and surveying, Mark went into    house    staking    and    Real    Property    Reports. Coordination  of  crews  and  communication  with  the  City and clients on an ongoing basis was critical to its success. After  six  years  of  this  Mark  refocused  his  efforts  on inspections and spent the next two years returning to the field to look after municipal construction with a particular focus on City overlays and reconstruction. Mark has evolved into a versatile member of our team.

His success  is  due  to  his  ability  to  solve  problems  and communicate them in an approachable manner