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Kent Pearson

I am a Journeyman Carpenter with Red & Blue seal designations. As part of our local Canadian Home Builders Technical committee as I began reading and learning about energy efficiency and 9.36.With that interest I became a Registered Energy Advisor with Natural Resources Canada. I am a proud member of the Canadian Association of Consulting Energy Advisors and current board member of our local Canadian Home Builders Association. As the chair of our local Carpenters Apprenticeship Committee and member of the Alberta Carpenters Apprenticeship Committee, I work with a group to ensure graduating carpenters enter the workforce with all the skills and knowledge required to build outstanding homes. With my experience as a carpenter and energy advisor I was part of a committee that met with our local AHJ to discuss the implementation of the new 9.36 code requirements. Working as a consultant with other private inspection companies we work towards a universal understanding of the requirements to meet energy codes.