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Jonathan Estrada

Step into the captivating world of Jonathan, where technology and art converge! Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering, he honed his skills as a software design engineer at a prestigious printer company in Japan. But deep down, Jonathan's heart beats for graphics design, fueling his boundless creativity.

As an instructor at Informatics Computer Institute, he shared his expertise in Web Development tools, empowering others to forge their own digital paths. With an insatiable curiosity, he scours the internet for all things cool and inspiring, constantly pushing the boundaries of design. Whether it's through Webflow, Wordpress, or HTML, Jonathan weaves his magic, crafting stunning web experiences that captivate the senses. Armed with Adobe products, he breathes life into images, skillfully editing, retouching, and manipulating them into extraordinary works of art.

And let's not forget his knack for crafting, where he channels his creativity into tangible creations that delight the eyes and soul. Jonathan is a true visionary, blending technology, design, and craftsmanship into a symphony of awe-inspiring beauty.